Monday, February 19, 2007

Let's start with the pr0n shall we?
(Yarn Pr0n, that is.)

I bought this right before my birthday (when I received much love in the form of Loopy Ewe dollars, so look for more pr0n to come, ok?)

I bought this from this young lady, over at her etsy store, when she came in and performed a little hit and run restock. (Seriously, 13 skeins in like 20 minutes!)

This is Tapestry and Love. Kind of appropriate for February.

This is a rather blurry photo of the baby sweater I'm knitting from the Knit Cafe book I've been yakking about. I thought I was making a lot of progress, but I had to frog about six inches this morning as I was knitting the Honeycomb pattern stitch incorrectly. So here is the progress, thus far:
I'm about two and a half inches into the pattern stitch, I'm about to make the sleeve hole - I'm hoping to get a lot done today, so I can finish a sock tomorrow!

(The weekend? No MOA for me, hockey (win), hockey (lose), snowboard (everyone wins - no broken limbs), lacrosse (scrimmage - no score), MORE lacrosse (The Swarm - WON!), hockey (again...practice) weekend over.)

Oh, and the siding crew? They worked all weekend long (except Sunday), I discovered on Saturday that the Portalet had not arrived on Friday. None of the crew spoke English, and guess where they....ummm...relieved themselves? If you guessed the golf course and the neighbors bushes, you would be right. So, how do I tell them..."Not okay!"?? (Portalet arrived today, thank you very much.)

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I was at the Swarm game too, it was a good one!! ...I don't knit there though.
Pretty yarn!!! Must not go to that etsy store.... :)

That kimono is going to be really cute!

Ack, good thing the Portalet arrived.
Very pretty sweater! I love that color.
Pretty yarn! Who ever thought you'd be eager to see a Portalet?
Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! This is your scarf pal calling! Got my package today and it was...putting it mildly....AMAZING!!!! I LOVED every single thing in there and would have picked every bit of it myself!! You blew me away! Thank you so very much for your wonderful package and all the thought you put into it!!
You find the coolest etsy shops! I've bookmarked (and did notice she's planning another update tomorrow, very tempting). So you've got siding going up now? That's great!
Thankfully I got some on her last update. But I thought we were supposed to decreasing our yarn stash? You have the same problem that I do with adding to it.
I love that sweater. It is so cute!
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