Friday, February 09, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed:

Finished last night! It really did help rotating through the projects. I got a couple inches done on everything. I even cast on another pair of socks with some Posh Yarn from my stash. The April Fools Socks are up to 3 1/2 inches and the hat is at around 5 inches! I rocked the needles yesterday.

Stats regarding the Eagles Flight Socks:

KP #1 dpns
2 skeins Koigu KPPPM
Work time: Started 2/1/07 - Completed 2/8/07
1.02 miles completed for the L&V Sock Marathon.

House Update:
The stucco is entirely removed from my house right now, and the house is currently wrapped in plastic. There are approximately 7-8 areas on the house that actually need to be re-framed because water intrusion has rotted the framing wood. Yesterday the basement wall was entirely gone. I'm actually going to lose part of my living room floor next week. I hide in my little office where it is warm and cozy - but they're going to be up here eventually.

I'm also mailing my first swap package this morning! The Magic Yarn Ball swap is the first to go. The Scarf Kit goes next week - I need to find a coffee mug.

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Wrapped in plastic, wow! Are you guys totally freezing with them working on it in this cold??
Lovely socks - and so very similar to the socks I just finished!!

How can they apply stucco in this weather?!
Those socks look great.

I can't believe what is going on at your house. That's terrible.
Your housing situation sounds like such a nightmare! Is there a projection for completion? Are you going with a different facade (stucco or other siding) on your home?
That's good you have a cozy spot to knit etc.
PS, the socks look fantastic!
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