Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Hat!

Pattern:  Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson from Weekend Hats  Yarn:  Some handspun Alpaca I bought at the Cranberry Festival in Stone Lake Wisconsin  Color:  Brown  Needles:  US 7  Started:  January 19, 2011  Completed: January 20, 2012  Note: Stash-busted!  Loved this hat pattern.  This one is going into the Prop/giveaway box, but I will make another in a more girly color for moi!

What's the colorful knitted item under the hat?!
Chris beat me - what's under the hat?

And the hat looks warm and comfy. Love Alpaca!

This is what is underneath the hat!
OH, you are so good at giving me great patterns to add to my queue. I'm loving it.
OH, and my pops was a volunteer with Chanhassen for the past 30 years. Just retired last year.
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