Thursday, December 08, 2011


This is a totally selfish "Help!"  I am trying to find something and I do not know if it exists.  I any of my limited readers can help me, I can keep winding yarn here!

So, you all know what one of these are, right?

Well, mine has started to self-destruct, and actually whacked me in the head the other day.  Since I leave mine up in my office 24/7, I would like to find a lovely yarn swift.  That is actually really hard to do.  So, any leads to a lovely yarn swift folks?

In the meantime, my eyes got tired yesterday and I rubbed them.  I rubbed them kind of hard.  I wear contacts.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a weepy eye that ached.  No, not ached.  It throbbed and made me go "Owie!  Owieowieowe!"  People, I was like some giant cranky baby in the middle of the night!  This all made me not sleep.  My husband did not even stir once in the middle of all of this.  (Guess who did all the midnight feedings at our house?) 

There is a new medical facility in the vicinity of my home that has an Urgent Care that is not an ER, AND it is open 24 hours a day.  It also takes my insurance card.  This is one of those days when I have read the paper and I thank my lucky stars; I do know how blessed I am.  (I HAVE insurance, I HAVE a car, for heaven's sake I HAVE a bed!)  I wrote my husband a note, (Nope.  Still asleep) I got in my car and drove myself to that new Urgent Care.  There, a lovely nice doctor put drops in my eye looked at my eye through his bright-lighty machine and said, "There they are-two abrasions across your eye!"  That lovely doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers (yes, I am a little loopy right now), that I was able to fill immediately in a vending machine in the lobby.  I was home, medicated and asleep by 3:30 am.  So the point of my whole story?  I am kind of a knucklehead.  What kind of a knucklehead wears contacts and rubs their eyes so hard they scratch their eyeball?  Also, I am a lucky knucklehead.  I am going to keep reminding myself when I walk by the bell ringers this Winter.  I can most assuredly empty my pockets to spread the luck.  I will remind myself not to be too busy to make that Toys for Tots shopping trip.  I will happily bundle up those scarves and socks I've knit and send them off to someone who most certainly will be happy for a little extra warmth or brightness in their day.

So I did not intend to preach today, but I'm asking for a little help, so I thought I'd remind myself to pass it on!

I have a vertical swift that stands on the floor. It is furniture. I would give it to you if you can come get it. Email me ;-D
Cathy in Maple Grove
Found a link:
My dad built me a table top swift a few years ago, I love it and will not part with it - ever! But, I'd bet you could find something similar in the vendor listing from the Sheep & Wool Festival website.
I'm still winding by hand. So sad.

Your poor eyes!! Ouch!!! I'm glad you were able to to get help so quickly. Yikes.
Well, it may not be politically correct, as it's not local, or handmade, but knitpicks has what looks to be a pretty standard wooden swift for only $65. And free shipping. (use the price difference for toys for tots?)

Glad your eye is on the mend. I've done the same thing in the past - it stinks! And for me, the worst part was not wearing mascara while it was healing. I look like an albino rabbit without mascara on...
My swift was a birthday present, so I am unsure where it came from.

Glad you were able to go to UC and not the ER, though!!

And... I'm pretty sure I managed to do something similar when I wore contacts, lo those 20+ years ago. :)
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