Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Harold & Maude WIP

This yarn is Zen Yarn Garden Bling Yarn (with 2% Silver) and it has been in my stash for ages...I got it in a sock yarn club - I can't even remember which one.  This yarn made for a really pretty pattern, but was a little flyaway while I knit.  

The pattern is called Harold and Maude and it was a Mystery Knit when I downloaded it.  Very intricate, but I am happy with the results!

Thanksgiving was the usual crazy time around our house - the sock basket is nearly empty again!  The remainders are being delivered to the PROP shop here in town.  Now if I could only get my Christmas tree up!

I can't believe our tree isn't up either. I thought life would get Less Busy when the kids were self sufficient and yet it seems like it's worse than ever.
Wow, that is very, very intricate - but lovely!
I love that pattern - Harold & Maude? Wow, I haven't thought of that movie in YEARS.
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