Tuesday, December 13, 2011

 "After" Pic of the Charlie Brown Tree

 Hmmm.  It doesn't look so bad does it?  Nope.  Oh wait...

 See that gouge on out of the bottom on the left?  Hmmm...and a little further up on the right, is that a dent?  If I took another picture from the other side, you would see another big area where the branches are not.  It's ok.  We love it just the way it is.  (Even though the "soft white" lights on the bottom third of the tree are a totally different color than the "soft white" lights on the top two thirds of the tree - you can't tell in this picture!)  Look on the bright side - the dogs have not tried to pee on it yet.

Here's hoping the dogs don't try peeing on it at all! The cats would have brought it to the ground already. :)
We got ours off the back of a (costco) truck and when we unwrapped it, it was ok, but rather just like yours - sort of wonky on the bottom. Oh well. That's what corners of the room are for.
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