Friday, October 21, 2011

Drinks Are On Me...

or at least, on my yarn!  This was another yarn club that I joined in the last year.  I love Yarntini semi-solid yarns and this club appealed.  I think there were some issues with the dyer taking on more than she could handle as the shipments got stretched out over a longer period than we were originally "promised".  Actually, I think her main "helper", her husband, got pulled away to school!  I am not sure she is going to do a club like this again.  Her yarn is still available over at her etsy shop, however.

There was the Pink Squirrel colorway!  (To read a GREAT story about the Pink Squirrel cocktail on the Orient Express, check out here.)

There was also Mai Tai,

Lastly, there was the Cotton Candy colorway.  

I have hope with my new stashbusting drive, I will be using some of these within the next year!

Fun color names!
Gorgeous shades.
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