Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pimp My Yarn (and my new project bag too!)

I am sorry to tell you that I have lost the card of the woman I bought this bag from.  It is unfortunate, because it is a great bag and it was a great deal!  The ripstop fabric is the ticket.  The sock monkeys are pretty awesome too.

This little scarflet is a free pattern that my friend Sue found on Ravelry.  Pimpelliese.  I do believe it is an unfortunate name, but a charming knit.  The yarn was purchased at Shepherd's Harvest from a local producer called Enchanted Meadows.  It is an Alpaca/Mohair blend in the Blueberry colorway.

And the wonderful basket that it is draped upon is my favorite purchase from Shepherd's Harvest last weekend.

I bought this basket from a little booth called Ghana Crazy.  Go ahead and check out the website.  I have a few of these similar baskets and they are so perfect for so many things.  One of them holds my gardening tools and gloves.  I have another at the cabin for my needlework projects.  You should really read the history of this little business - I can't think of a group of people more deserving of my business!

In other news.  We had a great (rainy, of course) weekend of Lacrosse.  Puck's team won their final two, regular season games to finish first in their league (MBSLA Freshman/Sophomore HS).  The High School season runs in the Spring, unlike the Youth (grades 3-8) season which runs from the end of May through the end of July.   Playoff seeding take place on Sunday, and the games begin this week.  I'm thinking they'll get a first round bye!  All I know is that it has been raining for all but one weekend of their games.  My spiritwear is perpetually soggy, a sad state of affairs, I know.

Wait, did you purchase the shawl kit at Shepherd's Harvest THIS YEAR?! Dayum, woman, you knit fast.

I hope you were safely home when all the really evil weather hit today.
Love the baskets and the web site. Oh sock monkeys, that is so cute.

And I ask what Chris asked, did you knit that shawl already?

Hope you avoided the bad weather today. Good luck to Puck's team.
Like, Like and like!
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