Sunday, May 01, 2011

Finished Since Feb 2, People!

Pattern: Flint by Samantha Roshak (A Sweater for All Seasons Club) Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu Color:  Raspberry Moose  Needles:  US 7 - 4.5 mm (that sounds HUGE doesn't it?)  Started: November 20, 2010  Completed: February 2, 2011 Note:  The sweater pattern was relatively easy, but I found the stitch reduction on the sleeves, in pattern, extremely frustrating and wound up just doing my own thing to get to the stitch count required.  I also started out with a size 5 needle and was really off on the gauge so I bumped it up to 7s.  The hem was very curly, so the sweater has been sitting on Cherry just waiting to be steamed out of its curliness.  I finally got around to it this weekend.
DH had his knee scoped this weekend so I found myself with some extra time on my hands.
I took photos in between the hours I spent on the Lacrosse field keeping track of goals and assists in the very, very, VERY cold rain on Saturday.  Puck's Lacrosse team won their games 15-2 and 16-0.  They are hoping for some competition next weekend.

I am looking forward to wearing this next Fall!

That's beautiful!! With this weather you should still get some use out of it this spring. I'm freezing!
That is a stunny sweater! And I think Knittymama's got it right - you probably will get a chance to wear it this spring.

Sorry you had to be outside over the weekend...
What a gorgeous sweater! Great job. Love the patterning.
The sweater looks fabulous! I love the sleeves.
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