Friday, April 01, 2011

The Hard-to-Pronounce FO

Pattern:  Haleakala Socks by Cookie A  Yarn:  String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn Caper Sock  Color:  Lotus  Needles:  US 1 1/2 - 2.5 mm  Started:  March 10, 2011  Completed: March 24, 2011 Note:  The color of this yarn is really hard to replicate on the computer.  The first picture is definitely more true to life, but even that is not quite "salmon" enough.  What you can't tell by the pictures is how darn soft this yarn is, and really, how quickly this knits up.

The next Cookie A kit will be coming in two weeks and I can hardly wait!  I actually may get the three other pairs of socks finished before I get the next kit - wouldn't that be something?

This is for my friends who have been missing pictures of Vancouver.  The Rose Garden at UBC.  I'll be heading back up there in three weeks to bring College Boy home for the summer.  How did that fly by so quickly?

Those are completely stunning socks. Oh, lucky you, going to Vancouver!! I wonder if the delightful Panne Riso bakery/cafe is still there? They had the best gf rice bran muffins.
Beautiful picture of Vancouver with green grass, mountains and water. Gosh, wish it would green up around here. I agree with Chris, the socks are stunning and I like the bright color.

Really? College is out in 3 weeks? I guess the cold weather has me thinking it's still winter...Enjoy Vancouver!
Insert blizzard - I wrote that post a few weeks ago. Just posted it now. Shows you where my bloggy/knitting mojo is right now. blech
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