Thursday, March 31, 2011

WIP Week (Part Two)

I am finally getting around to a pattern I downloaded from last Spring's Sockupied.  This skein of Ruby Sapphire will be the passerine socks (cookie a.).  It actually is cast onto the needles, you just can't tell from this photo.

 These are the Cachoeira by Kristi Geraci from the Spring 2009 Knitty.  Tiny needles and lots of purling.  This would get my vote for putzy sock of the year.

Guess what!  Next you get to see a FO!!

I'm not a fan of lots of purling on socks. :)
Both pairs of these remind me of socks I've yet to finish. Not sure if that's good or bad! :-)
I love the brown and blue yarn. Very pretty.
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