Monday, March 28, 2011

WIP Week (Part One)

I have many pairs of socks on the needles.

Here is pair number two from the Cookie A Sock Club.  This pattern is entitled Haleakala Socks- and the pattern came in a straight and twisted version.  I went for the twisted version - look to see this pair finished first.  String Theory Caper Sock (they just put a bunch up at the Loopy Ewe, in case you're interested.  Yummy cashmere sock yarn.)

 This second pair is SKA March Mystery Sock by verybusymonkey.  Look for this pair to take a little longer because I had to wait for clues to be released.  Also, I believe this pattern was intended for solid color yarns, but I like to ignore directions.  The yarn definitely distracts from the very clever pattern, but I like them anyway.

There are two more pair on the needles, but they didn't get posed for their photo.  I'll show those to you later this week.

We've been busy this week with HS Lacrosse tryouts.  The fingers are crossed for Puck.

Wow, four pair of socks on the needles?! O.O
I have the same pair of socks on the needles that I had a year ago. I really need to either figure out where I left off or frog them & find a new project for that yarn.
Good Luck Puck!
Lovely socks - I would love to see the others :) Four pairs will go like the wind.
I agree with Chris, 4 pairs of socks on the needles? You amaze me. I love the color of both pair, glad you decided to ignore directions.

Good luck to Puck and the LaCrosse team. How is college boy doing? Miss all the beautiful pictures of Vancouver.
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