Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Deciding Where to Start

Should I show you an FO, or some pretty yarn, or the latest WIP?

All right, FO it is.

Pattern:  Nuppy Diamonds by Chrissy Gardiner Yarn:  Yarntini Variegated Sock Color:  Cosmopolitan Needles:  US 4 - 3.5 mm  Started:  January 21, 2011  Completed:  February 24, 2011
Note:  My first two pair of socks for 2011 took forever to finish.  I don't know why.  I'm already halfway through my second two pair.  Part of it might be the quantity of purling in this particular pattern.  They are finally done, and I love them.  I noticed a lack of pink socks in my sock drawer.  I know that I knit with plenty of pink, where do they all go?  I am suspecting my nieces of sneaking all the pink out of the sock basket.  Well, these are mine.  No sock basket for these!  Oh, and this pattern is part of the Indie Socks CSK - so this pattern will not be available to the public until July.

In the meantime, It's been hockey all the time  (watching) over here.  The Wild are hanging on, barely, but they've been fun to watch this year.  The high school is trying to battle their way into the State Tourney and the Gophers are trying to look like a good team.  Still, hockey seems to be the only option this year if you want to see your team win once in a while.

Makes me think of Ice cream, I'd keep them too.
Those are so pretty! Definitely keepers!
I'd keep these for myself too! Very pretty. At first glance, I thought they had ruffles. I love these.
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