Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Can't Believe...

I've been AWOL for over three weeks.  I mean.  I've got FO's, and new yarn and some WIP's.  (Ummm, way to mix military and knitting acronyms in one paragraph.  Wow.)

I can only plead that I got sick.  I got the sickest I have been since I got married, (thank you dear, for those germs).  As I huddled in a blanket, trying to breathe, I did a little knitting.  Mostly, I stared off into space trying to think of another way to get air to my lungs, as obviously the nose and mouth thing was not working correctly.  Guys - that lasted for ten days.  Ugh.  Then came the sinus infection.

Oh.  I also watched a lot of hockey.  GO WILD!

I did, however, finish a pair of socks.

If I Only Had a Brain' Socks

Pattern:  If I Only Had a Brain' Socks by KellyK Designs Yarn:  Zen String Bambewe+ fingering Color:  Agate  Needles:  US 1 - 2.25 mm  Started:  January 22, 2011  Completed:  February 5, 2011
Note: Evidently, Zen String is now Wildflower Whimsy.  Who knew?  This yarn was part of the Oz Sock Club from  - Woolgirl used to sell sock yarn, now she just does clubs and kits.  The pattern was easy to learn and knit up pretty quickly.  The yarn is definitely a bit fuzzy, but made a nice fabric.  She does her Eye of Partridge heel differently than I normally make it, (alternating the slip stitch row EVERY row, instead of purling on the WS.  Not wrong, I just didn't like it.)  and that made for a bit of pulling and a denser than usual fabric.  I would change that next time.  Correction:  The yarn was not part of the kit - it was from my stash.  I destashed the yarn that came with the kit and just knit the pattern - which WAS a part of the kit.

 I'm heading out to my knitting group this morning, but I promise some pretty yarn, some more FO's and a new sock club before I disappear.  Again.

PS.  Hey did you hear about all of our snow in Minnesota?

Ack!! You must be feeling better! Sounds like a rough few weeks. :(
Snow in Minnesota? Why yes. Yes I did hear. And I got my lousy mini-van stuck in the driveway on the way to piano lessons. Damn it.

Pretty little socks there. I was thinking that maybe the denser heel will wear well, but our socks mostly wear on on the bottom anyway, so there you go. Neither here nor there.

Welcome back and I'm so glad you're feeling better!
It snowed?
(sooo thankful for the men folks who remove the stuff!)
The socks look pretty and spring-like! Stay well!
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