Thursday, January 06, 2011

Yet Another Unexplained Absence...

Please accept my apologies.  In the meantime, the family Christmas looked like this:

I know, it looks crazy doesn't it?  Two are mine, three are my sisters and SIX are my brothers (three are only temporary).  The age range is 2 1/2 to 19!  You can see the evidence of my knitting on several of these young people, and they were quite happy to receive.  At the end of the day, I had requests for two more Sockhead hats.  One hat is finished and living in Vancouver already.

2010 Knitting Roundup

Kmkat posted a spreadsheet about her 2010 knitting mileage.  Well, that's just a personal challenge in my little brain, so I pulled some numbers from my Ravelry page.
I used a total of 16,988 yards of yarn or the equivalent of 9.65 miles of yarn! Many of the socks went into my sock gift basket and very few remained after Thanksgiving.  I picked out one pair to keep and the rest will be donated.  With the exception of most of the Sockhead hats, I also donated most of the hats.

My goal this year is to continue to use up my stash yarn - I hope to knit at least three hats in January. I  am participating in Samantha' Roshak's sweater KAL this year, so I plan to finish at least 4 sweaters and I hope to complete 12+ pair of socks.  Flint is the first sweater in this KAL and I am just about ready to start on the sleeves.  Hopefully, things will settle down a little so I can get some photos taken and share some WIP and an FO!  I barely got photos of most of the finished Sockhead Hats - believe it or not!

Well, the sun is shining, so I think I am off to take some photos!

That is A LOT of yardage, er, mileage! Way to go!
What a cute batch of sockheads!
It does look like Christmas was festively crazy!!

Congrats on all the knitting you did last year!
So will you be adding to the stash this year, too? How does that all work?

Thanks for all of your support and kind words regarding Leo. That totally sucked (the dog part, now your words). But we're back on track. We're already TENTATIVELY looking at a 4 year old rescue lab. We'll see. There certainly is a void that needs filling. ugh.

And my, what a handsome group of kiddos!
What a great family picture! Love the sockheads. Can't believe the amount of knitting you can accomplish. Amazing.
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