Friday, January 14, 2011

What's Goin' On?

There are a couple things on the needles and I managed to collect a few, not great, pictures!

Yes, I know.  Not a great picture.  This is the beginning of Flint.   That is a Ravelry link.  Back in Novemver, I joined the Sweater For All Seasons pattern club, I plan on using these patterns to meet my goal of 4 sweaters this year!  I bought the yarn for this one (using the club discount), from Blue Moon.  The plan is to use stash for the remaining three patterns.   Progress has actually been made to 1/2 of the first sleeve.

This is a second sock.  A very boring second sock.  Simple Skyp Socks.  I may have overdosed on socks last year.  Luckily, my goal is only to knit one pair/month for 2011.  I think I can handle that.  Also, that is Mini-Chef on my iPod.  It's a free app and it takes minimal attention and I can play and knit at the same time.

The boys are off boarding in Michigan for the weekend so the dogs and I get to take care of my volunteer association's year-end books.  Yuk.  

Looked up both patterns, the sweater and the socks, and they are lovely! Beautiful colors too! Can't wait to see this sweater and the three next sweaters.
You can play and knit at the same time?! That seems much more challenging than reading and knitting at the same time...
I downloaded Scrabble but I have to stop my knitting to play my letters. So it's either knit or play. Or knit and listen to books or podcasts.
Ooooh. A weekend without the boys. I mean. I love my boys, but . . . a weekend without the boys.

I have FINALLY caught the sweater knitting bug. You get much more attention for wearing a sweater than socks that are buried under jeans and boots.
Flint looks like it's going to be both pretty and comfy. That yarn looks almost like Touch Me, which is just insanely plush.

Don't remind me, year end books. I'm just now getting back to the land of the living and tax attacks.
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