Sunday, January 16, 2011

A (New To Me) Yarn Club

I saw a shipment of Hazel Knits Sock Club* back in November and I really wanted the Coleus/Meadow shipment.  I joined for the minimum amount of time.  My December shipment was really quite breathtaking.  However, Collegeboy nabbed one of the skeins for his Sockhead hat as soon as I had it out of the package.  The little sheepie bag is delightful and I would like about a dozen of them.  Some day I hope to have a picture of the finished Sockhead hat I made for CB.  I won't be seeing him until April though, so it may be a while.

*If you are looking for a Sock Yarn Club that is a good deal, I highly recommend Hazel Knits.  You pay for two shipments that are mailed approximately three months apart.  Each shipment contains two skeins, dyers notes and an additional goodie.  I have been in some sock yarn clubs that advertise "goodies" that are pretty junk-y, with little perceived value.  I do not believe that is true of the items I have received from Hazel Knits.  This is just my opinion, and I received no compensation for my good review.

That's good to know! That sheep bag is adorable...
Well, that IS good to know. And you are the sock yarn queen.

Haven't posted yet, but there is a small puppy screaming its head off from it's crate right now over here. I'm about to punt it out the door but I'm ignoring her. Yup. I'll put up a post soon. Need that dog to fill the void, and Leo left a big void.
I like the pretty blue yarn and I recieved some Hazel Knits yarn in the past and loved it. Thanks for the heads up!
I take your club reviews quite seriously, you know! :-)
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