Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brambles Beret!

Pattern:   Brambles Beret by Amanda Muscha from Knitty  Yarn:  Brooklyn Tweed Shelter   Color:  Wool Socks  Needles:  US 5  Started:  January 6, 2011  Completed:  January 12, 2011
Note:  Well, I was very curious about this yarn, pictures I had seen showed a gorgeous range of colors.  Let's say I was not disappointed in the two skeins I ordered.  I would say the amount of vegetable matter is comparable to that of most Noro yarns (not my favorite, either vegetable matter or Noro).  Let's just say I'm not sure I would pay the price for a sweater's worth of this yarn, although I should never say never.  Also, 5 may have been a bit small for knitting with this yarn.  I've got to say that the  hat did block out beautifully.

It shows cables beautifully!
Lovely! Fun to see this yarn knit up. Great hat.
Oh, yes. It's gorgeous. I love the top. I think I've found my next distraction project!

(insert whining voice) I want a Loopy Ewe coffee mug. And it's nice and big! Look how organized you are. My needles and such are all over the place. Total disaster.

ps. The little girl - Stella Pup - looks pretty Labby to me, too. She has German shorthair which makes her tail curl up over her back. Her face is narrow and her eyes closer set, so I sometimes call her Ms. Ugly Pants, but she's really cute. I'm just working on keeping her humble. Can't let a dog get too vain about their looks. Still miss that damn dog, though. Really really bummed.
Beautiful! I've got to try that yarn, it really shows that pattern beautifully!
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