Monday, November 08, 2010

Club Stash

This is from the Oz Sock Club through WoolgirlPaca-Peds in the Scarecrow color.  It's got a really nice hand, I'm just not sure about the color.

This is from the Badass Woman's Sock Yarn Club from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks.  The colors are great - I am not wild about her yarn base.  She is donating to the cause of each woman that is featured.  I have one more month of this club.  I'm very torn.

Aaaaaand, I did two months of the Hazel Knits Sock Yarn Club because her solid colors are gorgeous!  It's a good thing I've knit over 25 pairs of socks this year, and I've managed to de-stash about a dozen skeins from my Ravelry Trade/Sell Stash page in the last month.  

Today I am dumping out the stash to get it all organized, and make sure it's all on my Ravelry page, and perhaps move a few skeins over into the destash page!

Also, why didn't anyone tell me that Bloglines was back?

Oh, hey, did you hear that Bloglines was back? I got an email about it from them. ;)

Gorgeous yarns...
Don't know what bloglines are, my friend.

The Scarecrow is really cool - very scarecrow - I love it, but what kind of socks would it make? Hmmm.

You cannot go wrong with that Hazel Knits yumminess.
Wow, I can't keep up with all your knitting! You get so much done.

I love the scarecrow colorway! If you destash, I'm on it!
So glad you like the club yarns!
I didn't hear anything about Bloglines...too bad for them because I'm really liking Feedly.

And I'm drooling over that Hazel....
I am so glad to hear about Bloglines! I was having a hard time adjusting to Google Reader.
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