Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random Information

I finished a pair of socks earlier this week using Sundara Sock Yarn.  Her colors are so rich and saturated, I would love to go back for more.  But, time to stash burn, you know?  I found a list on her website that I loved, so I'm sharing it with you:

Patterns with Sundara Sock Yarn:
Hedgerow Socks by Jane Cochrane for Knitter's Review
Red Skies at Night scarf by Saccade Elyse (Ravelry link)
Candlelight Shawl by Saccade Elyse (Ravelry link)
Paul Atwell socks by Emily Johnson and her Family Trunk Project
Gerda hat and mittens by Emily Johnson and her Family Trunk Project
Portlandia Cloche by Emily Johnson and her Family Trunk Project
Garden Gate socks by Emily Johnson and her Family Trunk Project
Julia socks by Emily Johnson and her Family Trunk Project
True Love socks by Thayer Preece
Prickly Pear socks by Thayer Preece
Coming Together socks by Thayer Preece
Twinkle Twinkle socks by Alarming Female
Come Dancing socks by Alarming Female
Bleeding Heart Lace socks by Evelyn Clark
Twining Leaves Lace socks by Evelyn Clark
Foggy Seas scarf (Ravelry link) by Jennifer de Graaf
Storm Water Cowl (Ravelry link) by Kim McBrien
Chic Chevron Cowl (Ravelry link) by Theresa Grant
Verdaia shawl (Ravelry link) by Jodie St. Clair
Gauntlets (Ravelry link) by Barclay A. Dunn
Le Facteur sweater by Sarah Fama (Ravelry link)
Hidden Path socks by Sarah Fama (Ravelry link)
Hootenanny socks by Amy Herzog
Lace Rib Pattern Socks by Karen Kahane
Gauntlets by Barclay Dunn (Ravelry link)

Final Socktoberfest FO!

Pattern:   Rhodie Gus by Kirsten Kapur Yarn:  GypsyKnits BFL Superwash Fingering Color: Rose Garden  Needles:  US 1 1/2 - 2.5 mm   Started:  October 24, 2010 Completed:  October 31, 2010

Note:   This yarn is a very fine fingering, and the color is lovely.  It appears her shop is closed right now, but there is a lot of her yarn stashed away on Ravelry.  It was hard to capture the true green in this photo - but take my word for it - it's green.

It's a beautiful Autumn day here for Halloween.  Watchin' some football and starting some new projects....

On my monitor it has a cool, watermelony look. Beautiful!
Oh I love those colors, I'm a lover of pink and green in just about any form but these sock are particularly lovely.
That's some pretty amazing pooling! Why doesn't it all work out like that?!
I'm loving the Hedgerow socks pattern right now - but I wasn't able to get the Sundara sock yarn. :(
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