Friday, September 24, 2010

New Stuff!

 I joined Badass Yarn Club over at Kitchen Sink Dyeworks.  She dyes each month honoring Badass Women.  This month's honoree is Meg McGlamery - read about Meg here.  The yarn is 70% Merino, 30% Seacell.  I believe this is destined to be some Crosswaves socks.

The Turtlegirl was showing off some gorgeous yarn last week and out of curiosity I clicked over to the Lotus Yarns etsy shop.  Bad idea.  I now own this colorway entitled Hairdresser on Fire.  I may even knit some socks for my hairdresser, just because.  This yarn is 10% cashmere and OMG, the softness is so comforting!

Also, Knitting Like Crazy is having a sale over at her Etsy sight - 20% off all of her sock yarn. My personal favorite is Mom's 1970's Kitchen.  Someone needs to stop me before I undo all of my 2010 sock yarn destashing by purchasing one of each of these colors!

There.  Enabling done for the day.

The Sundara yarns definitely look like colors you would want. They are all so pretty.
Fortunately, I'm knitting so slowly at the moment that I have a life+++++ supply and can't justify purchasing ANYTHING.
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