Monday, September 27, 2010

Learning Something New Every Day!

Now this post has absolutely nothing to do with knitting and everything to do with my son who is in his Freshmen year at University of British Columbia.  Be envious of him, Vancouver is everything you think it must be.

We had a "conference" call with Eldest on Saturday.  This means there were five of us (me, hubby, Puck and Eldest's Aunt and her partner) in a car driving home from dinner and we decided to call son and put him on speakerphone.

Eldest glibly informed us that he had just returned from Longboat practice at Jericho Beach.  (That link is a webcam for Jericho Beach which is updated every ten minutes during daylight hours.)
Evidently, October 2 & 3 are Day of the Longboat and Eldest is participating on a team with his dorm-mates.

Do you suppose he is studying at all?

PS.  If you click over to the Longboat link and watch the video, I am in love with that song and I have downloaded the entire album "Grand" by Matt & Kim.

I loved Vancouver when I was there!!

Were you able to identify him in any of the video snaps?
I'd have a difficult time studying in Vancouver. Beautiful pictures. Lucky Teen!
I love that our freshmen are embracing the opportunities at hand. For Nick that means broomball, not quite the same as longboats!
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