Monday, September 13, 2010

Dorothy Gale Socks:

This was my WIP bag after I got home from Vancouver last week.

The green yarn is destined to be a pair of Cookie A socks and are actually 25% knit up already.  The Dashing Dachs (blue/brown) yarn is from Woolgirl's Oz yarn club.  I finished the Dorothy Gale Socks this afternoon:

A little photo shoot in the sunshine:

Pattern:  Dorothy Gale Socks - fingering by Bethany Whitney    Yarn: Dashing Dachs Dach Sox: Fingering Superwash Merino  Color: Dorothy  Needles:  US 0  Started:  August 26, 2010 Completed:  September 13, 2010

Note:  I don’t usually knit on 0’s - but once I memorized this pattern, it was a pretty easy pair of socks to work on in the car.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to get excited about Vikings Football this year, but I am finding it hard to recapture last year's excitement after the debacle in New Orleans (both of them!)  The Gophers are just trying to overcome their coaching.  I have been happily watching the Twins and waiting for Hockey to start again.

High School has been great for Puck, and I think Teen (or should I say New Adult?), has been thriving thus far in his university atmosphere.  I am slowly getting adjusted to only one teenager in the house (at least, only one that belongs to me).

I took my mom to see Wicked last night, and I didn't think I would love it as much as I did.  I now would like to see it at least a half dozen more times.  The woman that played Elphaba had a voice to rival Idina Menzel, and I think she was the standby.  I was blown away.

Nice socks! Looking forward to seeing how the green looks knit up.

I've heard such good things about Wicked.
Lucky girl! I would LOVE to see Wicked. I miss it every year. I only know the Defying Gravity song because I downloaded the Glee version (really really good).

I CAN. NOT. believe you knit those babies on 0 needles. Really. You never cease to amaze. They are the perfect color of January deep freeze -with that clear blue air and brown trees and snow.
I love how that yarn knit up in that sock pattern! Very, very nice.

Have you read the book Wicked? Everyone who has seen the play loves it but the book left me a little cold.
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