Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hail the Conquering Heroes!

 Meet the 2010 7/8A State Champions!

Post like crazy and then drop off the face of the earth.  That's me.  Between summer classes, music lessons and six Lacrosse games last week, I was lucky to breathe.   

The biggest excitement at our house last weekend was the State Lacrosse Championships.  These photo's are Puck's team, and most of the boys have been playing together since 4th grade.  They have been thwarted in their championship endeavor every year.  One year making it as far as 2nd place.  This is the year that they finally, finally achieved that Championship goal and don't those faces look happy?  Can't you tell by their postures that they are a happy team?  They have just come from running down the field to mug their goalie (tournament MVP in my mind).

 Pensive Puck before the game.

Most of the boys start at the high school this year.  This will be their last year of Youth Lacrosse, but what a nice "launching off" into their first year of high school.  Puck is actually sad that his season is over and he misses his "lax bros".  

Next week I'll be back to WIP's and FO's and stash.  In the meantime congrats to the boys!

Congrats to Puck and his team!
Congrats!!! This was our first season and I have to say that lacrosse has been my favorite sport to watch and be a part of. Will Puck play in high school?

Can't wait to see some more knittin'.
Congrats to Puck & the rest of the team. I have a bit of experience with this mothering a champion thing & I have to say congrats to you as well - it isn't easy helping them achieve their goals and keeping their egos in check.
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