Monday, July 19, 2010

Pretty WIP'y

I really do not like this new Blogger template.  The old one was much easier to just throw my picture into, and then start typing.

This is my current WIP.  In case you've forgotten, or never knew in the first place, for 2010 I had planned on a sock yarn stashdown by knitting two pair a month.  By the end of June, I'd completed 12 pair (Really.  I just haven't posted about pair #12 yet).  Over the 4th of July weekend I smashed my left thumb in a car door and broke the tip.  (I have X-rays to prove it!)  I've been wearing a little removable metal splint to avoid the inevitable scream of pain when I bonk it against something.  I can slide it off to knit, but I take a lot of breaks because it gets achey.  Anyway, the two pair for July have been going rather slowly.  This is sock #1 of pair #2.  I may only get two halves of two pair done this month.  Sigh.  At least I have all my fingers, right?

Puck and Coach are heading to a Lacrosse camp/tournament at Notre Dame this weekend.  I plan on playing catch-up with the the cabin!

I'm amazed that you can knit at all - I hope you have a relaxing getaway at the cabin!
ohhhh, enjoy that cabin time. Sounds lovely.

12 pair!? 12 #@@#$%in' pairs!!??@ That's 24 socks not including the socks on your needles. You are kicking arse! Broken finger or not!
We won't discuss my year to date knitting progress. However I'm now inspired to go to the cabin for the weekend without the boys - well, without the Husband & Gameboy - I'll have to bring the dog.
I'm doing that sock pattern as well - only mine is waiting until my sore thumb is getting better. Those little needles really make my hand hurt!
I like that pattern stitch and the yarn really makes it look pretty. I need to finish two other socks (they need their mates!) and then I'm going to make my next pair with this pattern. You always find the good ones, thank you for sharing.

I hope your thumb heals quickly!
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