Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maybe THIS is a NE Knit?

Have you bought this book yet? 

I pre-ordered this and it arrived last week.  There are at least a half-dozen sweaters in here I'd like to knit.  I will elaborate in a longer post later next week.  With the yarns to go along... 

This is Miss Babs Yowza - Whatta Skein! in Russet. 

That link takes you to her site - but I don't think you'll be buying any new yarn for a little bit!  Sounds like she was very lucky her only loss was material - and she had insurance!  Check it out.

I am working on WIP photos this weeks - updates soon!

In the meantime I have some July socks to finish up...

That's a beautiful colorway. I'm gearing up for sweaters in 2011, so this sweater stuff of yours will be a big source of inspiration. I still have that damn Central Park Hoodie in a heap somewhere - 90% finished! GAH!
That is gorgeous yarn! UGH about Miss Babs... but it's probably for the best that I can't click over and buy. I do not need more yarn.
I've been eyeing up that book but haven't actually seen it yet. Looking forward to more info on the sweaters!
Oh, yes, I ordered the book immediately. So many beautiful sweaters. Longing to see what you will be knitting from it.
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