Saturday, July 17, 2010

knitting excuse

I know in this picture it just looks like a fat, black and blue thumb.  Actually, I smashed the bone underneath that bruise - actually broke the bone.  Stupid car door!  Most of the time I wear a splint 'cause any pressure is a little painful.  But if I take the splint off, I can very gingerly maneuver the knitting needles.  As you can see by the evidence behind the black thumb.  I actually have a lot to show you, an FO, some WIP's, some new yarn, some yummy buttons.  I might actually have  more than a few posts coming up this month!  Who knew?

Well, in the meantime, I am going to watch the USA/Canada Lacrosse match being streamed live from Manchester England!  USA beat Australia yesterday 21 to 5.  Iroquois team will not be able to play, however.  It's all very sad 

I can somewhat sympathize - as my middle finger on one hand has the same kind of nice lovely look to it. But I didn't break mine, so I can only imagine the OUCH of yours!

We should get together and compare injuries. (That's a sad excuse to meet, huh?)
I like to match my clothes to my knitting but you've taken it to the next level - matching your fingers to the knitting. Maybe it will be the next fashion trend.
OH! You poor thing. How do you get your knitting done. Ouchy ouch ouch.

Would you believe that the next morning after I took pictures of the wasp nest, my husband came running in from mowing yelling, "@#@*(@#*$@(#* I just got stung by a bunch of wasps."

oops. forgot to tell him. They have been sprayed. you were right. get rid of them. Imagine if he had been allergic. I shudder.
OUCH!!! How long do they think that's going to take to heal?!
Ouch! My sore thumb is on the mend so I have nothing to complain about! My sympathies . . .
That looks really super hurtey (technical term).
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