Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is This a New England Knit?

Whattaya think?

(Sorry - I didn't realize this photo was so blurry - I was so worried about getting the color right!)  This is Rowan Silky Tweed (from Webs, of course), plenty for a lovely sweater from my new book that I received this week.  First I have to cast on for the KAL I joined (I KNOW!), we are going to knit Karira as we read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.   (Ooo, look at that.  I am almost as Linkity as Ms. Chris!  NOT!)

On a side note, I have had a Kindle for over a year and I love it to death.  It's a first generation and I have already read oodles of books on it.  (Bonus:  As I move my way to bifocals, I can make the fonts on all of my books bigger!)  Is it wrong that I covet the next generation Kindle every time I click over to the Amazon page?  (All right, I fixed that, I read all the 1 star reviews of the K2 and it looks like they removed the features of the K1 that make sense - like an SD card slot and a user replaceable battery.)  I wonder what I'm going to do when my lovely K1 dies?  Any ideas?

LOL! Still, that is a lot of linkity! :D

Hopefully there will be some new ereaders out there with the features you want by the time your beloved K1 bites the dust. I have the same question about my equally unglamorous Hanlin V3/Astak EZReader.
If the Kindle can also read TO me, then I may have to fold. That link to the video is HAH.larious! Laughing out loud at my computer. You're right - they should absolutely make that into a real movie. Heh heh heh.

Good luck on that sweater thingy. Maybe 2011 will be my year of sweaters....
I've read the entire trilogoy, Girl With The Dragon Tatto, Girl Who Played With Fire and Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest. GREAT reads! Wish the author had lived to write more.

I'm an fan myself. Been so busy lately have to multi-task even my reading.
I've been resisting getting a Kindle...I know I should step into the current century with regards to reading, but, I still love the smell, feel, and look of a traditional books on cd's count as being current? Most times it's a necessity to listen to a book (when on the rare occasion that the programs on NPR don't capture my attention) while I'm knitting since I'm not capable of multi-tasking.

The yarn is gorgeous! I've only once worked with silken yarn and it was sheer delight!
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