Thursday, June 10, 2010

Love Letter to WEBS:

 Thank you for your discount policy, WEBS.  Because of your policy, I can afford to buy a sweater's worth of this: 

and not feel too guilty. Gorgeous, isn't it?  Any ideas?

Of course, being a fan on Facebook gives me daily updates on bargains, too.  Could be a bad thing?

Graduation ceremonies tomorrow night. I expect not to get too much sleep in the next 48 to 56 hours.  Wish me luck!  (Teen too!)

Gorgeous yarn! And good luck tomorrow night! Congrats to the grad. :)
How about Mondo Cable Cardi (

or a cool collegiate sweater for your college bound boy/man. ;-)
You know, that's how I ended up with two sweaters worth of Lopi yarn. Have I knit said Lopi sweaters? Do I even have anyone who wants a Lopi sweater?

But I did just go and 'like' them on Facebook!
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