Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time to Share

I brought a new Toshiba into my house last month and I thought it may be time to share my new toy.

It's a pretty little brown netbook that I picked up at Micro Center in St. Louis Park.  My computer gurus at Chip Heads have recommended both the store and the brand.

My husband had to replace his laptop last fall and he bought a Toshiba that he has made him quite happy.  I finally accumulated enough cash stash out of my weekly spending money; and that accumulation coincided quite happily with the crashing of many desktop computers at our house.

I say:  Taa-Daa!

For size comparison - with a dime.

Look at it's pretty, brown cover!

Oh, is that Ravelry I see?

It has already proved very handy at knit group on Wednesdays looking up patterns and checking IMDB to aid my failing memory when I am trying to remember who is starring with Holly Hunter in Saving Grace (Laura San Giacomo).

This is the Toshiba mini NB305-N410BN in Java Brown.  If you really want all the technical stuff, you can click on the link - but it's just enough for my purposes!  

Now, we have to figure out how we're going to drive to Vancouver in August.

Cute!! You know how I am about Toshibas. :) The only reason I have the Dell mini is because it's completely solid state and less prone to being maimed by being in my purse.

Trivia: You can remove all those silly stickers to the right of the touchpad, even if they seem like they're permanent.
Nice Toshiba! I have a company Toshiba laptop and use it to work from home every day. Yours is much cuter.

Tried to send you email but must have an outdated email address.
I love a good road trip. Lots of knitting to be accomplished.

ps. love the new computer but I will NEVER. NEVER be turned from my cute little Apple. ;-)
My first laptop was a Toshiba. They are great. Real working power. Enjoy.
I know this is supposed to be about the computer, but that's a pretty quilt it's sitting on.

BTW, when I respond to your comments on my blog, the emails have been bouncing.
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