Thursday, April 08, 2010

One New Computer Later

All I have to show is a picture I took back at the end of March. These socks are finished now and will be appearing later in a FO post.

It's Spring Break and Puck and I are at home. DH and the Teen made one last trip to visit a couple colleges. We are still waiting to hear from UBC (who typically notifies after most US colleges need a decision.)

The Wild are winding down and Lacrosse is picking up. I'm a little excited to check out the new Target field, though I'm not really a follower of Baseball. Sigh. There are many projects on the needles and my kids are really busy. I am hoping to get all caught up in the next couple weeks now that I have a new connection!

Oooo, I love that color combination -- so rich! :)
Congrats on the new computer!
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