Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No More Excuses.

So, my morning knitting group has moved to the local B&N every other week. I'm not sure if knitting in an LYS would be any worse. I've managed to pick up a book or a magazine almost every week.

Last week I picked up 99 Yarns and Counting from Green Mountain Spinnery. A couple cute sock patterns, a really cute hat pattern and a cardigan or two that I really like. I am starting with the Child's Striped Raglan. This is the stashbuster year, and while I am still buying the odd skein here and there - the focus is on digging through the stash to thin it out! This will be for Afghans for Afghan in honor of my high school graduate.

That's the yarn I dug out of my stash - and that's the high school graduate - at three years of age. I still think he's adorable. Also? That is the same year he started to read. Really. Picture that little monkey in the back seat car seat, reading street signs and billboards and asking me what words mean. It was scary then. Now, he's been accepted at University of British Columbia and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (that's Vancouver, Canada and Troy, New York). Both great schools, but opposite ends of the continent. I am so proud of my boy, proud that he's doing exactly what we brought him up to do: strike out and be his own, independent person. (Can I help it if I feel like I may never see him in my house again once he walks out that door?)

***Pardon me while I give myself a little shake****

I finished another pair of my two-pair-a-month socks.

Norfolk Ramblers by Emma Haigh

Pattern: Norfolk Ramblers by Emma Haigh Yarn: Sugar Bunny Boulevard Merino Sock Color: Unforgettable Needles: US 1 Started: March 12, 2010 Completed: April 2, 2010

Note: This is the first time I've knit with this yarn and I like it very much. It was a thinner base than I am used to, but this pattern is very stretchy and a little lacy so this combo knit up very squooshy. Let's try a photo without the flash to see if we can get a better feel for the color:

A lovely brown and blue. This pair will go into the Christmas Basket. In the meantime, I am knitting catch-up on the two pair for April (although I'm actually ahead as I've knit 7 pair so far this year.)

Those are gorgeous socks!!

Aw, congrats to your son!! Rensselaer (sp?!) is a great school.
Congratulations to the oldest!
I do think you'll see him again - likely at all major holidays with a veritable ton of undone laundry and an empty wallet. I believe it is the way of the college student to appear to their parents in that way.
Frequent flyer miles make for more home-from-college visits!
Wow, congratulations to your son - and to you and your husband too! Well done.
Amazing, and so exciting for him!! It's so hard to believe I'll be sending my little guys off like that someday.
Oh, what a cute boy he was and what a clever boy he is now!
Congrats! Cute photo. And my knitting group meets at our LYS, and it's darn near impossible to get out without buying something.
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