Friday, April 09, 2010

Lot's of Knitting...

Just very little finishing. These are the Cotton Candy Anklets from Crazy4Dyeing. They have a bunch of cute free sock patterns that I have worked my way through this Spring. This is the first pair I started for April. Luckily, it's an easy pattern.

Puck's Box Lax team went into tonight's game 9 men down (it's Spring Break!) - and minus the head coach. (My husband is in Boston with the Teen.) These junior men are so well trained, they went in and mechanically tore the other team to pieces! Our Goalie was ON FIRE - he broke his goalie stick! 12 to 0! The worst part about those kinds of games with this age group is the tempers start to flare after a while and things get really, really physical. It really did, too. There were two ejections and there should have been three more.

Three more games left in the short spring season, and then the playoffs. I may actually get a picture or two next week. Teen is going to be reffing!

My goodness!! you all have had quite a busy schedule. Congrats to Puck and the team for their win.
The yarn for your Cotton Candy Anklets is gorgeous...such lovely warm, bright colours.
Congrats to Puck & crew!

Those are definitely brigh'n'cheer socks. :)
Youngest Child caught sight of Youngest Daughter's HS lacrosse team and immediately asked when he could play. Is this a boy thing or WHAT?
We're awaiting news about whether or not my oldest will get on a lacrosse team.

Pretty pretty little socks.
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