Thursday, April 29, 2010

Calcaneal Stress Fractures
(Also Student Permits)

No.  Don't go away, you haven't wandered into the wrong blog. I have been dealing with boots and MRI's for one kid, (Puck), and wading through miles of incomprehensible paperwork for the other. 

Puck has had a Calcaneal Stress Fracture since, oh, about January.  I just didn't know it.  Stubborn mom finally decided to listen to him and got him in to see a Sports Physician.  One MRI later and Puck is now wearing a boot.  For three weeks.  I have been less than truthful about the length of recovery time.  I didn't tell him that after the boot was off, he may not be able to play Lacrosse for three more weeks.  I think I'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

As for Teen, well, let's just say the process of getting a Student Permit for studying in Canada could be a bit less confusing.  Just cross your fingers and hope they don't decide he needs a Custodian.  I'm in deep trouble if they decide he needs a Custodian.  (The legal age in Vancouver is 19.  He won't be 19 until May of 2011.)  Sigh.  You have to apply at the Canadian Embassy and the nearest one is in Michigan.  Also?  They will not accept telephone questions about immigration.  Everything must be email or snail mail form.  Don't they realize what email does to a simple question like:  Canadian Immigration Services has a price posted of $125.00 for this permit, but the embassy website says $115.00, which one is correct?  A simple question that should take just seconds to answer turns into an endless round of emails before you get  your simple answer.  Sigh.  Do you think they'll turn my application back if I've overpaid?

I think I'll go to knitting tonight.  That is after I bring the kid  home from his Dr. appointment.

Poor Puck! And poor you having to deal with all that paperwork. Hmm. One of the knitters at the Yarn Floozies blog lives near Vancouver...
Sorry about his stress fracture. Goodness, when it rains, it pours. You will look back on these days and wonder how you managed to get through them. Right now, I wish you good days ahead.
You definitely deserve a knit night. Hope Puck is feeling better and those Kanuks don't give you much hassle. (is Kanuk a bad word?)
Poor Puck. Dancing Diva has been in and out of a boot for nearly a year now. Hope his issue resolves faster than her's has.

Whew, Vancouver? What a nice family Teen has to facilitate that "little" venture!
Sounds like Knitting Night should be someplace where you can have a nice glass of wine!
Gosh, what a mess. I hope it all gets worked out. Maybe you will have to go live in Canada for a year? Okay, just kidding...

Poor Puck.
Ouch. On both counts.
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