Friday, April 16, 2010

April Socks
I started this pair at my knitting group last week. The yarn color seemed appropriate for a pattern called Summer Solstice. Also, as the weather is starting to get spring-steamy here, it just felt right. As a matter of fact, it's such a beautiful (albeit, chilly) evening that I wish I was down at the new Twin's ballpark. It looks like a really fun time.

Instead, I settled for making a pitcher of these. Very smooth.

Alas, g&t's have never worked for me...
I'm so bored of my EZ sweater. It's like knitting gray slush and poo. Really.

A bright vibrant pair of socks is what I need. Thanks for the inspiration.

Now get out there and get a head start on your garden weeds.

Oh who am I kidding. Pour me a gin and tonic, too, will ya?
I really like the combination of colours in this yarn. They're terrific for the Summer Solstice socks your knitting. Looking forward to seeing them when completed...and an update or two during the process.
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