Thursday, March 04, 2010


If you have teenagers you will be familiar with the feeling I had all day on Wednesday. How are they going to SURVIVE when they leave the nest? Are all teenaged boys so dysfunctional, I want to know? 17-year old Teen left Wednesday morning at 5:30 (No, he did not set his alarm, he expected me to do it. Yes we all overslept.) Anyway, leaving at 5:30 for a five day BAND trip, right? Teen plays the Tuba (school provides the instrument), the only musical thing he is responsible for is the mouthpiece. We are at the school unloading the car and I look at his overstuffed backpack and I say, "Did you pack your mouthpiece?"

His response: "Wow, good catch mom."

Obscenities deleted.

Oh, how I feel your pain. Just know that you are not alone. Far, far from it.
OH MY! I feel your pain. This is terrible news. I was hoping they outgrow it!!!

My Lumpy (4th) has managed to miss several of his in-school violin lessons. FINALLY, I bought him an alarm wrist watch, set it, watched him walk into the school with all his equipment. . .

Fast forward to end of day. Kid climbs into car - remembers violin stuff - runs back into school to get it. Finally, driving home I ask, "So. How did the lesson go?"

Eerie silence.

He responds, "I forgot to go." Almost drove off the road in an attempt to strangle him like Homer Simpson and Bart.
Sadly (for me) you are not alone. I do know how they survive when they leave the nest, girls. I distinctly remember helping boys with things like their laundry, grocery shopping, etc....etc.... back in college - and they weren't even MY boyfriend.
My sophomore year in college we were on orchestra tour and I forgot my bassoon reeds back in my music locker. And just to show that I did not learn my lesson, two years ago I had a rehearsal at Orchestra Hall and had to tell the director that I had forgotten my reeds. My excuse? My three year old kept messing with them and I put them on top of the fridge. He was not amused!
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