Friday, March 12, 2010

Ripply WIP:

I fell in love with this pattern immediately when I saw it during the Olympics. Since I was rooting on my beloved Wild Finns during the Olympics, I loved it even more! Kalajoki is a free Ravelry download, you can also find more information at her website here. This Smooshy also seemed to be the perfect color, so there it is. The color is bound to brighten up the gloomy gray world I am living in right now! Now. If only the Wild would get their stuff together and play some decent hockey, I might be a little happier in this gloomy weather.

Oh, that is cool!! Thanks for sharing the link.

I see there's a chance of sun Monday...
Really pretty in the green.
Sorry been doing a lot of lurking lately and no commenting or posting. Love the color of these socks and the name of the pattern I grew up with some Alajoki's makes me want to make a pair.
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