Thursday, March 11, 2010

Michigan Lake Shore Socks:

I have to say that my effort to de-stash has been working really well! I believe this is the fourth pair I've completed in the new year strictly pulling from the stash!

Pattern: Michigan Lake Shore Socks by Dawn Friske Yarn: Ruby Sapphire Yarns Panda Sock Yarn Color: Rahim Needles: US 2 Started: February 7, 2010 Completed: March 3, 2010

Note: The pattern as I was knitting it had too many stitches, so I reduced by one repeat. Reducing to an odd number of repeats made the pattern awkward to carry down over the foot, so that became stockinette. I avoid short row heels if I can, so I incorporated the heel flap and gusset. It all worked out very well.

Now, I've not been to the Ruby Sapphire Etsy site for a while (this one really marinated in my stash). They currently do not have any yarn up for sale. However, they have a website where you can sign up to be notified of updates to their store. These are going into the sock basket. I believe my SIL with the size 10 feet may be interested in these....

In other news, the Teen has returned safely from his Band Trip and is now cruising to the end of his Senior Year. Let's hope he survives.

Bantam Hockey is done and Lacrosse is begun. Hang on tight.

They're gorgeous!!
Wow, a perfect blend of yarn and pattern. Lovely.
Is he cruising or is he Senior Sliding? Gameboy is HEAVILY into the slide and I'm ready to take away his slip & slide by force.

*Nice socks*
Beautiful yarn and socks!
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