Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Pattern: Tamino by Caoua Coffee Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy Color: In Vino Veritas Needles: US 1 DPN's Started: January 6, 2010 Completed: February 7, 2010

Note: All of her patterns are free, however, the only place I've found them is on Ravelry in her store. This is one of those patterns I had to follow row by row so it actually took me a while to finish them, but I feel like the finished product is a work of art! I think the next couple pairs of socks are going to be a little less complex to save my poor fingers.

In the meantime, we are facing our own snowstorm, it seems we are in the Winter that never ends!

No way! Those socks are gorgeous!!

And as for my training - well, have you met my good friend Jillian? She is about to kick my butt on Wii.
Those socks are STUNNING.
I love the knots/cables what ever they are. Very cool, but I can totally imagine exactly what kind of pain they inflicted.
Beautiful, both pattern and color!
(quietly weeping into her unfinished socks . . . )
Love those cables! I think all this snow is good inspiration for the knitting.
Thanks for posting these socks. I didn't know about this designer but now know I'll be making some of her designs. I love cables!
Dang I love those socks!
I've stopped by several times to admire your socks, so pretty and knit in Smooshy too! Yum. But this is the first time I noticed the name of the color. Now I really love those socks :)
Hey, no more complaints about weather this week, eh? Love the socks, as usual, of course.
Very pretty!
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