Sunday, February 28, 2010

On The Needles:

I don't know if I actually voiced this goal, but in order to use up some of my large quantity of sock yarn stash, I set myself a goal of at least two pair a month. Should be no problem, right? So far, so good. There are three destinations for the socks: the family gift basket, my sock drawer or the need box (to give away to groups that NEED them!)

These are my Michigan Lake Shore Socks on the needles.

Interesting FYI aside: Have you noticed that yarn containing Bamboo squeaks on wooden needles? I have made some changes to this sock pattern for my quirks. I changed to a pique hem cuff. I reduced the number of stitches on the needle from 72 to 60. I also knit a heel flap/gusset instead of a short row heel and because I reduced the pattern repeat to an odd number, I knit the foot of the sock in stockinette.

Now, hopefully no one will bother me while I watch the Canada/USA hockey game this afternoon. If I'm lucky I can get down to the heel flap on my second sock today.

I haven't ever knit bamboo on wooden needles, but that sounds annoying.
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