Friday, February 26, 2010

The Olympics are Addictive!

I have been glued to the television watching every possible permutation of Olympics sports. Any time I don't have to be at a kid's sporting event, there I was, watching Curling and knitting.

So, the American Aerial Skier (his name is Speedy!) won his medal with a jump called the Hurricane. Can I present my Ravelympics entry?


Pattern: Tsunami by Judy Sumner from Knitted Socks East and West Yarn: The Knittery 4ply Sock: Merino Cashmere (NEW) Color: Moonlight Needles: US 1 and 2 DPN's Started: February 1, 2010 Completed: February 13, 2010

Note: This book has a lot of those oddball socks patterns (no toes, etc.), but the cuff pattern is there and if you have any sock knitting experience, you can figure out how to make a whole sock. There are quite a few in here knit with a heavier yarn. The photography is beautiful as well.

This yarn has cashmere in it, so I intend to keep this pair! No sock basket for these babies!

Teen Update:

Teen has finally started to hear back from some of the colleges he has applied to - so far only one school has declined his application. We also found out this week that the Teen is now a National Merit Scholar Finalist! I am bustin' my buttons I am so proud of our boy!

Congrats on your Ravelympics finish!

And congrats to the Teen on being a National Merit Scholar Finalist!
Congrats on all of the above!!
I love the socks! Is the National Merit Finalist the tuba player?
Congrats Teen!!!! The socks look great.
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