Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Little, Teeny-Tiny Tanning Bed:

So, I ordered a Kandle for my Kindle. It snuggled up nicely to my Diet Coke for most of the day.

I turned it on to take a picture - I thought it looked like a little tanning bed. But then, I think our toaster looks like R2D2. Yea, my kids think I'm nuts. It worked great on it's first trial run, at least, as long as I could stay awake. It fit snugly onto the Kindle and shone the light exactly where I needed it. Yay! I can read late into the night without waking my husband!

Yay! Glad it worked out for you!! And dang, I wish I got a commission. ;)
Darn it! That lady in the yellow jeep must have thought I was completely nuts.

nice tanning reading thing.
You should knit an amigurumi person to lie on the Kandle - I'd pay money to see that!

Me, I just use the light on my side of the bed. But, then , I don't have a Big K. - yet.
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