Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guess What Time It Is?

I know, AFTER the Olympics.

It's almost time for Lacrosse! See that white-shorted boy up there? That's Puck. Five inches taller than last February. Still only 13. Gulp.

Oh yea. AND it was my birthday. Yummy Mini Mochi. Hate how splitty it is to knit with, love the socks it makes.

I'm watching the Fins and the Czechs play hockey. This game may NEVER end.

Happy birthday belatedly to you!

Oh, that Mini Mochi is gorgeous! Did you see the cute cowl that Mary Lou (Yarnerinas) knitted from it?
Belated Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! Hey, you should take the boys to see the Swarm lacrosse team. Holy cow, they're a lot of fun to watch.
Well Happy Birthday!
Are you keeping track of how fast his feet grow? Gameboy went from a size 5 in June to a 9 in October...I think we bought new soccer cleats 3 or 4 times that summer. Hope your sports equipment lasts longer ;)
How do the socks hold up??? I have thought of knitting with it but it didn't look very strong. I also saw a stranded hat pattern that it was really cute in.
A very late Happy Birthday to you!
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