Monday, February 08, 2010

February SIP

I picked out a skein from the stash to cast on for one of my February pairs. I picked out a pattern from Knitted Socks East and West and some yummy yarn with Cashmere in it (I will give you the gory details in my FO post). I am actually looking forward to keeping this pair for winter warmth.

I was wandering around Etsy last week and found that pretty row counter. Somehow it had to make it's way to my house. I wonder how that happens? Between my sock bag, the yarn and the yarn bling, I seem to have a color theme going, don't you think? (Hmm, seems Hide and Sheep is having a family emergency and their shop is closed for a couple weeks. I hope all will be well.)

PS Stupid Saints.

Pretty little sock - I like your counter better than my cheap plastic one I bought at Michaels. Yuck.
Those look like they're going to be warm and cozy!
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