Thursday, January 28, 2010

What? Oh, yea...Hello.

Yes, I am knitting here. I've got 1/2 of two separate pair finished. I knit a hat too, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I donated it already. It was a Hurricane Hat. Bye Hurricane Hat! Keep somebody very warm!

I am finishing up sweater #11 from NaKniSweMoDo from last year. I came really close. I am still buying buttons for one sweater. I keep bringing them home and deciding they are not the right button. Sigh.

I finished five hats for the Puck This Hat Trick KAL. I have one more to knit, but I am not going to finish it in January so it won't count. But there is pretty yarn for it. Quincy in Mmmmmalabrigo!

Yes, I am heartbroken about the Vikings, but I'm a Minnesotan, what do I expect? No, I do NOT blame Brett Favre at all. He got his butt kicked and just kept coming back and giving those knuckleheads another chance. Toughest SOB I have ever seen take a beating, that man.

I am enjoying the Wild right now and if they get even close to a playoff berth, I will consider that a victory. I would really enjoy it if they beat the Avalanche on the road tonight.

Hey, you knit 10 more sweaters than I did last year. :D
I am constantly amazed at the amount the socks you finish up!
You knit like a crazed fiend - in a good way.
Ha ha ha. I keep laughing at your comments. I did notice that Hayward wasn't there and I was hoping no one would catch it! Ha ha.

you'd be so proud of me. I survived my first hockey tournament weekend (but I was too embarrassed to knit).

Can't wait to see the MMMMmmmmalabrigo all knit up.
Love the socks! Gorgeous color.
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