Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sock Project the Second:

Since it's just not a post without a picture, I took a quick snap of this SIP (that is Sock In Progress). This little baby is a speedster and will most likely be finished before Sock Project the First. We had a hockey tournament this weekend so I have been to three hockey games and one lacrosse game since Friday evening. Imagine how exhausted Puck is tonight. They won two hockey games and one lacrosse game so it's a satisfied exhaustion. Now if the Wild would just pick up their end of the deal...

That's a bright and cheery sock!

Wow, poor Puck! I feel tired just thinking about all of that.
That was a wonderful link to your friend's blog - the Haitian pictures - beautiful! I was there 20 years ago but haven't been able to post any pictures. It may be something about my 1989 permed hair which is revealed in a few photos.
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