Friday, January 08, 2010

The OTHER Extreme Binge.

Sweet Georgia has long been one of my favorite indie yarn dyers. Look here. I think that may be my first ever purchase of Sweet Georgia yarn. Her yarn was hard to find, it flew off the shelves as soon as it was put up for sale. Then she decided to take a year off and I was out of luck!

Eventually, she opened up a new store and a new online store, but I never managed to make any purchases. Well, I decided one of my Christmas gifts this year was going to be some of her sock yarn. It's like a vivid rainbow in my sock yarn stash.

First there is China Doll, and it's a little deeper red than this, but this photo is not far off.

Then I bought Tourmaline and this is gorgeously deep.

Finally, Mist. Which definitely needs a more feminine sock pattern, don't you think?

Our year has been off to a rocketing start with one emergency trip to the vet and several urgent calls to the nurse's line. I managed to get the tree taken down despite all the running around so I am ready to face the year. The final year of Hockey is rocking along and Winter Lacrosse camps and seasons have started this week. We are waiting to hear back from Teen's college applications, when do those start coming, anyway?

Stay warm, people. It is COLD out there.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your college bound - waiting for responses is hard.

I'm not even going to comment on the temptingly delicious yarns - oops, I think I just did.

So sad about "Puncher-Pup". Gross. But I swear to God, labradors are indestructible. My old lab once swallowed three pounds of chocolate and when I called the vet, they told us to pour hydrogen peroxide down her throat to induce vomiting. She never vomited and lived another 6 years. I think I may have to post about that one, too.
You have your tree down?
Wanna come take mine down?

I'm with you on the busy.
Ack! What a crazy year you've already had. I bet the pretty yarn helped soothe all that.
THey will make beautiful socks.

Let us hope that trip to the vet was the only one of the year.
Oh, I so agree on SweetGeorgia yarn. I didn't know that and happened to order from LoopyEwe (thanks to you). DH immediately chooce (past tense, can't remember how you write it)that skein and here they are:
I loved knitting with the yarn. He loves his socks.
And wow, do I love your colour, which, to my mind, all need a more feminine sock pattern. :-)
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