Sunday, January 03, 2010

Oh, Hey!

I forgot to show off my sock yarn stash enhancement!

I finally broke down and ordered some Sundara Yarn.

I'm on her mailing list and she takes a monthly pre-order with three colors to choose from. You can also select the yarn weight. I decided sock weight made the most sense for me.

(Also - she has some overstock listed for sale right now in some pretty nummy colors.)

This one is Ember over Flame and is a bit darker than it photographed here (these were my old camera - still hoping the new camera will give me better results).

This one is Autumn Rose - there is a very faint pink and green undertone to this golden yarn. I am looking forward to the pair of socks that this one will make.

I've been working away on the Puck This Hat Trick KAL. I'll have some hat FO's to show you along with another pair of socks and some mittens! My blog is going to have to start keeping up with the production.

In the meantime, Go Vikes!

Very pretty! I have a feeling that if I were a better multi-tasker when it comes to knitting I'd have a better reason to hoard sock yarn. Sadly I'll let you take the helm of sock yarn hoarding as I screw up basic socks at the rink when I am chit-chatting.
I skipped the Puck This Hat Trick this year. Still have too many hats from last year. LOL.

Love the sock yarn. Up to your old enabling behavior again? Hmmmm?
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