Sunday, January 10, 2010

Medicine for What Ails Me:

Remember I was talking about the sore hands and torn-up cuticles? My new medicine is standing behind my third hat trick hat here. Bath & Body Works to the rescue again.

This is Madtosh yarn - wool/silk blend. Smoooooth. I highly recommend it.

Football today and I am knittin' socks! I don't even know who I'm cheering for today, I'm mostly just curious to see who comes out of today's games, looks like we will be playing Dallas next week though.

As for last night's Wild hockey game; we were getting ready to pack up and leave after the 2nd period. We had decided we would go if the Hawks scored one more goal. Then Koivu scored. Wow, that felt a little better. Then a few minutes later, Johnsson scored. Wow, that was exciting, it actually felt like a game. THEN, Zidlicky scored - holy moly it was one point apart! Our scrappy little team doesn't stop if they see hope on the horizon. Suddenly, a minute and a half left (or so) in the game and my new favorite French-Canadian, Guillaume Latendresse, TIES the game! We were falling off of our seats and high fiving everyone in our row. Well, except for the Hawks fan sitting next to me who reeked of cigarette smoke and had been foul-mouthedly cheering his team through the first two periods. That Hawks fan got really quiet. We sat through a sudden-death OT where Josh Harding earned his keep and went 8 rounds in a shoot-out! Cowboy Nolan pulls it out for the Wild and Harding sealed the deal. Whoo.

I am drinking hot tea today to sooth my vocal cords and knitting very intricate socks while I watch the other two football games - I need a rest!

That was an amazing game! Have a fun and relaxing day!
Oh. take it easy. It sounds like you're doing the right thing. Pampering yourself a teeny bit and squeezing in some therapeutic knitting. That pattern looks very interesting.
Glad you didn't leave the game and miss all that!
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