Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hat Trick #3
(+ Gratuitous Cute Puppy Pictures)

Pattern: Knotty but Nice by Natalie Larson from Knitty Yarn:
Madelinetosh pastoral (part of a yarn club shipment) Color: Nocturne Needles: US 7 DPN's Started: January 6, 2010 Completed: January 7, 2010.

Note: This is a lovely Silk/Merino blend yarn (the kind that catches on dry, icky hands). The hat knit up a tad small so I will donate this somewhere. Ozzie is not so sure about keeping it for him, but he was a Good Boy! So, this finishes my Hat Trick, but I went on a pattern binge this weekend (you know those Ravelry people are donating portions to Haiti - what a better time to buy?) On top of that, I have stash to burn so I'm going to cast on for a double Hat Trick.

Has everyone seen "Up"? Our favorite thing now is to do "collar" voices for the dogs. Then someone says squirrel and hilarity ensues.

Wow, I made it through a hockey tournament (3 games), a lacrosse game, and the Vikings game this weekend. I feel a little wrung out this morning. It didn't help my mental status that I had to shuttle forgotten items to the high school already this morning. Sheesh. How I will make it through the Vikes/NO game, I have no clue.

Aw, hang in there, G!! (You, too, Ozzie!)
Oh puppy. So cute. That is a really cool hat pattern. The color is masculine and still nice enough for a gal to wear it, too.

go vikes!
I love dogs in hats!
That is one patient looking dog - and a nice hat,too!
The hat looks wonderful! and Ozzie looks so cute too!
Great hat..... the dog looks good in blue.
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